Syrian Diaspora assembly: Revive the hope (in Arabic only)

Omar Alshogre

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  • Referent_innenWith Omar Alshogre, Fadwa Mahmoud, Anwar Albunni and Mariam Alhallak
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Fadwa Mahmoud

Anwar Albunni

Mariam Alhallak







Hanns-Eisler-Straße 93
10409 Berlin

Public event (in Arabic language)*
organized by coordination group for Syria
Amnesty International Germany

With the following guests:

Moderation: Yasmine Abdulhakime Sharbaji and Karim Suliman


You are kindly invited to join our event and discussion about:

  • Shared stories about the Syrian Revolution. What has helped Syrians start their revolution against injustice and demand their rights?
  • Surviving detention and becoming stronger and using it for self-empowerment.
  • Examples of Syrian legal and human rights work.
  • Talking about the Syrian Diaspora in Germany and their activities.


* Please note that this event will be held in Arabic language only (no translation provided).

Photos: (c) Omar Alshogre, Amnesty International Germany’s Syria coordination group